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I sometimes blog on writing, how to write, why one should write, and even why sometimes you should NOT write.


I homeschool my 3 sons and it's ridiculously awesome and exhausting and no one should ever do it. Read here to see why!

Type 1 Diabetes

My eldest is a  WARRIOR and he has a black-belt in Diabadassery. I blog and advocate for him (and other parents walking the road we never asked for).


Sometimes things tickle my fancy. More often things irritate the crap out of me. I blog to vent and share the nuisances of life with you. YAY SHARING!


Houston Style Magazine

I freelanced for a solid year for Houston Style Magazine. I had a lifestyle column focused on navigating the world of being a parent to a toddler with Type 1 Diabetes


In late 2018, I became a contributor for mySugr.

Tate Publishing

Due to the glorious flaming failure of my previous publisher, I was priviledged to interview DOZENS of authors and share their stories. Truly these pieces are heartfelt and amazing.



My Book Babies

I've published three books over the past decade. I love to write and have published via traditional publishing & Self-Publishing and I see, and pontificate, on the pro's and con's to both in my blog.

I've accumulated a hodgepodge of ridiculous things that make life better. 


Their sales support this self-pub freelancing homeschooling mama.

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