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Publication Date: 02-01-2011

ISBN-10: 1617392413

ISBN-13: 978-1617392412

Retail Price: n/a (item out of print)

Page Count: 232

Genre/Subgenre: n/a (item out of print)

Genre/Subgenre: n/a (item out of print)


God Had Other Plans

The very moment the aching of my heart turned outward into genuine compassion for others is encased in this book. 

It's heart-wrenching to share, to this day, because I laid my soul uncharacteristically bare with wild abandon. The pages document my journey through infertility & the loss of my precious angel baby Peanut & all the ways that shaped me.

I stretched. I grieved. I grew.

This book is no longer in print due to unforeseen circumstances so the last legitimate copies reside in my personal hands. They are useless to nearly everyone but precious as gold to me & I still have been known to gift them forward on occasion if I think they can speak to the heart of someone in need. If you are wanting to purchase the revised version, see HAIL MARY FOR PEANUT.


What Reviewers Say...


"This is a wonderful book about keeping & growing your faith through pregnancy loss and infertility; plus it has a "what to say & what not to say" section of the book which is a must read. I laughed, cried and was amazed by it."

Lynn - Amazon


"This book should be on the front lines of book shelves in honor of all women who have had to endure the loss of a child."

Lester - Amazon


"God Has Other Plans is one of the best books I have read while going through my journey of infertility and it has open my eyes to SOO many different things!"

T. Smith - Amazon

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