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Publication Date: 08-05-2020


ISBN-13: 978-1735535500

Retail Price: $21.99 USD

Page Count: 112

Genre/Subgenre: Homeschooling

Genre/Subgenre: Education



5 Easy Steps to Homeschooling

As children embrace education, parents get to explore right along with them. This makes art, music, programming, architecture, invention, science, mathematics, and more available to both parent and child, creating a beautiful, symbiotic relationship between parenting and education that is limitless with opportunities.

5 Easy Steps to Homeschooling offers a wealth of information in simple, easy-to-understand, terms. The pages are filled with tons of support and encouragement on topics like socialization, curriculum selection, and home education for special needs. You can find resources to help navigate individual U.S. state legal mandates, as well as tips on creating local connections to make the homeschool journey successful.

In this book, Heather D. Nelson aims to pull back the veil of mystery on homeschooling and encourage new parents making this bold choice. Learn about homeschooling's history, it's potential, and the actionable steps you can take to make a new path for your child's education.


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What Reviewers Say...


"Nelson's 5 Easy Steps to Homeschooling is actually an eye-opener to many readers who have their reservations about homeschooling and the author tackles the subject with great clarity and expertise. "

Mamta - Readers' Favorite Reviewer


"As a homeschooling veteran of five children over the course of 25+yrs, I can attest to the excellent advice laid out in these pages, particularly the wisdom of creating a "why statement'."

Donna - Amazon Reviewer


"The five steps laid out in the book, are a great beginning for a successful homeschool. Further, there are references to three amazing Homeschool pioneers.

The author has also provided some guidance on curriculum categories to help you navigate the sea of choices."

Sarah - Amazon Reviewer

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