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Publication Date: 03-31-2021

ISBN-10: 1735535524

ISBN-13: 978-1735535524

Retail Price: $10.00 USD

Page Count: 73

Genre/Subgenre: Death, Greif, & Loss Poetry

Genre/Subgenre: Poetry by Women


Grappling to Light

Critically acclaimed, Grappling to Light is the debut poetry book by Heather D. Nelson. In it, Nelson explores themes of grief, depression, and anxiety within the context of isolation amidst the 2020-2021 pandemic.


As much an honest look at unnaturally prolonged mourning, it showcases the small ways finding comfort in those nearest and dearest brought a sense of stability; Ending in a spirit of hope after loss.


Written in times of great weeping, Grappling to Light is released to help others shake off the shackles of isolation and re-embrace community and healing again.

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What Reviewers Say...


"This poet has a way of describing feelings and emotions that we feel but can't explain or shake off."

Tammy - Readers' Favorite Reviewer


"My attention was captured by her colorful word choices, and I was able to surf the rhythm of her poetry and stream-of-consciousness style prose."

Lexi - Amazon Reviewer


"Her sword is words, and her shield is the hope that starts from a tiny sparkle and grows into a mighty creature."

Darya - Goodreads Reviewer


"When prose words fail, poetry has the gift to move beyond what we see and feel on the outside, and Nelson owns this ability in spades."

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