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Publication Date: 10-01-2022

ISBN-10: 1735535559

ISBN-13: 978-1735535555

Retail Price Paperback: $13.99 USD

Retail Price Hardcover: $23.99 USD

Page Count: 379

Genre/Subgenre: Paranormal

Genre/Subgenre: Urban Fantasy

In The News:

Book 1 of the Tenebris Trilogy

H. D. Nelson's debut in Urban Fantasy is the kick-off to a trilogy of mystery and trilling fantasy lore.


Nestled in the forest amongst old-growth trees and ancient flora, sits the idyllic small town of Oneoff. Rich in history as a once-booming hub, this sleepy little hamlet has been withering in economic decay for over a decade. When Shayleigh Brogan blows into town with big plans to breathe new life into Oneoff, everyone is buzzing with excitement. Everyone, that is, except for Lucas.

Lucas McCallen is the town’s stoic young sheriff. His entire life has been spent running from the mythic lore of his family’s haunted past. When the rumor mill churns with excitement, all his instincts scream resistance until Ms. Brogan stumbles onto an old crime scene and unleashes an evil entity.

His house of cards begins crumbling as he races to unravel the vile history of the town’s namesake with his own ancestors’ involvement. Only if he accepts his magical heritage, and releases his delusions of safety, will he be able to fight for what he loves.

He can’t run from his destiny forever… and the darkness is rising.

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What Reviewers Say...


"This was a great start to the Tenebris Trilogy series, I loved the blend of fantasy and mystery. It had a great tense atmosphere that I wanted from the description."

Kathryn - Goodreads Reviewer


"This was totally not what I was expecting… I loved it. I was hooked from the very beginning."

Book Sirens ARC Reviewer


"I love how Heather makes you "feel" what each person is feeling, the way she writes is beautiful...I feel like this story was both told and shown beautifully."

Book Sirens ARC Reviewer


"A story that nicely weaves fantasy with a dark twist and a mystery...I really enjoyed the characters...the town is it's own character...a smart adventures to begin this series, highly recommend."

Lori - Goodreads Reviewer

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