Hail Mary for Peanut by author Heather D. Nelson

Publication Date: 07-04-2018

ISBN-10: 1979249407

ISBN-13: 978-1979249409

Retail Price: $8.00 USD

Page Count: 186

Genre/Subgenre: Health,Fitness & Dieting/Infertility

Genre/Subgenre: Parenting & Relationships

Hail Mary for Peanut

Sometimes, the road to a family doesn’t go as planned. Dreams for a baby are all too often waylaid by infertility, miscarriage, pregnancy loss, and more. Those unexpected hurdles can create strife in a marriage and even a trial to one’s faith and the wake of it all can leave most couples struggling to hold onto hope.


In Hail Mary for Peanut Heather shares her emotional journey to parenthood after it's discovered that all her dreams and plans have gone awry. She shares all the raw ups and downs of her own story, while infusing each chapter with wit, wisdom, and genuine concern for others. She even includes a section of practical tips for coping with the stress of infertility and pregnancy loss both for the couples in the battle, and the family and friends on the sidelines.  This book is timely for any couple of faith encountering struggles in their family planning making this a perfect one-stop-shop for support and encouragement.