Former Tate Author Interviews

Tate Publishing, LLC (and their music company Tate Music) went down in a glorious ball of flames in January of 2017.  Their closing was tragic for so many involved who had been left unpaid after what was discovered to be YEARS of shady business tactics.  Large corporations had the ability to utilize the court systems to reclaim some of what was lost.  But the artists....the authors, the musicians....had to wait for the Oklahoma AG's case to finalize in court. A verdict was reached finally in December of 2018.  


THESE are the stories of just a FEW of the authors who were taken advantage of by the Tate family.  TRAGIC and inspiring stories of people who had their creative and intellectually property threatened but made the decision to fight forward and MAKE their own victory.  I hope you click each and every picture.  They include links to each author's new work so you can follow them too.