I quit blogging...here's why.

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

As a mother trying to juggle eleventy-billion things (that's a real number), I made the long-overdue decisions to HALT all blogging. I may post from time to time as the mood strikes but the reality is, I have precious little time to devote to the things I love and the things that need me desperately. There simply is no more of ME to go around and me trying to do it all is frankly, bullshit.

Blogging has largely run it's course for me (and maybe the rest of the known world...cause who actually has time to sit and read these things...ammiright) as I wish to invest my time full-stop into novel writing, and my three children still need me to do all the mothering all day, I'm left with zero additional time to invest in the hefty task of blogging, or even recording/editing/promoting vlogs and pods.

  • I love words.

  • I love writing.

  • That shall never stop.

However, this blog......has.

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