Home Office Makeover!


Take the dark/oddly shaped office cluttered with unpacked boxes and oversized furniture, and make it a bright, light, airy space filled with room for creativity and life! Sounds easy enough. Now to set the budget and work the steps. Here we go!

I mean really...when I describe the space as dark and oddly shaped I'm not even kidding. This octagon-shaped office has no less than 20 windows and a set of stairs set oddly off to the side that wind down into the basement thus eliminating nearly any use of a wall for desk placement. I had my work cut out for me here.

The walls had a mismatched set of paint and oak stained trim that left the entire room feeling like a dark cave. My lack of blank wall space left me placing that oversized desk in the middle of the room and the desk itself ended up becoming the catch-all for every stray paper that floated into the house. The light fixture circa 1985, hung too low and only added to the dark, cluttery, feel. Toss in a mix of off-brand ikea-esque accent furniture and some unpacked boxes and you have the whole I tried to create novels in. Ta-Da!


I emptied out every scrap of clutter and furniture and sold my once beloved big red desk. We removed the chandelier and started to work on handling the nail-pops, sheetrock cracks, useless old phone jacks etc. Perk! My old red desk sold in a day and paid for the new light fixture! WOOT!


I chose the most gorgeous greige palate from BEHR. My walls got a creamy coating of the BEHR Barista N210-3. The beautiful cathedral vaulted ceiling got a coat of Taupe Tease N210-1. The overall effect is light and airy and it wraps beautifully around the room with the crisp bright white trim! Remove those dark window screens and VOILA! The results were instant and it only took a total of 4 gallons between the paints and necessary primer!


Furnishing this room was a beast of a challenge. 20 windows spaced around an octagon-shaped room made for precious little blank wall space. I knew I needed a desk that allowed for room to work, on as small a footprint as possible, so I could place it in the middle of the room. Furthermore, I was lacking proper shelving before which contributed to massive clutter. So what little wall space I did have needed to be fitted with properly scaled shelving to fit the space. Plus....on a budget, ammiright!?! Enter Tribesigns! I stumbled across the most adorable bookshelf on Amazon of all places and it turns out the reteller had an entire line of furniture that perfectly fit the bill. I was able to purchase the Desk, Book Shelf, and Console table all for LESS than my budgeted amount! TOTAL WIN! The white tops perfectly matched my bright white trim, and the powdered gold metallic frame made for a glamorous aesthetic! All the pieces were EASY to assemble and created the perfect airy feel I was aiming for.


Once the main pieces were assembled and ready, it was time to put the room back together. My rug perfectly placed in the center made the best landing space for my new desk. All other items were placed in their final homes, and a touch of spraypaint helped me customize a few older pieces to match the new space. The end result was perfection. A completely new, remodeled, redecorated, bright, light, airy writing office all for under 2k. I can honestly say it was the best investment I've made in my writing career in a long time!

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