Entering 2020 Unapologetically

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

My last blog post was in April of 2019. I have no one single good and valuable reason as to why I failed to blog for such a long time. Instead, I have seething hordes of massive big life stuff that hit me from left field, and in the wild scramble that was ME trying to keep all the plates spinning the one single area of my life that I longed for most was left in the dust.

  • I completed a full fiction novel through to 1st round BETA revisions.

  • I started a ten book romance novella series inspired by the Beatles LOVE album.

  • I drafted over a dozen pieces of poetry.

  • I plotted the bones of a dark comedy.

I was writing books, just nothing that made it to published completion.

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Dabbling when I could, I scrambled against the rising tide of busyness to try and cling to what I love, but at the end of the day, despite my best efforts, I didn't publish a single piece of my creative work.

I freelanced for some fantastic companies. I did brand journalism for hire. I drafted skits that played out for thousands. I published absolutely nothing of my own.

I'm not mad; I can't be, I did it to myself. But the reality is that when I look back at the entirely of 2019 and what I feel I did or didn't accomplish my one regret is that I shied away from my passion instead of crafting projects for other people and when life went sideways I shoved my first love to the back burner.

Well...hello there, ugly truth.


As if Mom-Guilt wasn't bad enough, we writer moms get an extra fun bag of Imposter Syndrome to mix in. Add to that the gritty realism that the world at large offers you heaping side dishes of guilt and can leave us creative types feeling that our own time investing in our craft isn't worth the effort. Crappy...right?!

"Oh, you write...but have you published?:

"Oh, you've published...but have you published anything recently?"

"Oh, you've published recently...but did it sell at all?"

"Oh, you've sold a few books....but did they make the bestseller list?"

"I mean...but you have a regular job, right?"

"Ooooh you're a stay-at-home mom. So this is just your little hobby then."

It's that last one that stings. There's this mindset in the world that dedicated motherhood and serious authorship are mutually exclusive. Well, allow me to declare here and now.

This Mothership Has Landed.

I received some amazing kudos on my writing in 2019. Companies LOVED what I created for them and I actually did bring a little money into our household with freelancing. Pieces I wrote for dramatic presentations were very well received and I even had an industry professional compliment my work which was a HUGE moment. Those types of feedback are few and so amazing but they only served to fuel my own fire that I had let my nagging doubt hold me back.

Well...no longer am I sitting back and letting my self-doubt be fueled the world's snarky commentary. I'm a writer, and a good one, and it's time more of my work saw the light of day. I may not be the next Stephen King or JK Rowling, but that's fine. I think I'm pretty kick-ass all by myself.

Yes, I'm a mom. Yes, I homeschool my three kids. Yes, I juggle my son's T1D and Celiacs. Yes, I still do some freelance and brand journalism on the side. But no...I will not be silent about what I create.

So, this post is just for me.

To re-read over and over when my doubt creeps in.

I'm a writer and a good one, and in 2020 I'm about to be everywhere!

If you were reading this and needed someone to tell you that your side hustle is incredible, well, here it is. YOU'RE AWESOME! If you are a mom who desires to be a writer and wants a buddy to follow along, SUBSCRIBE, and I'll share all my tips/tricks/hacks for making the most of my time.

I'm entering 2020 UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

Who's with me?

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