Ep 006: Self Care for Mama-Bears - HEALTH and REST

Last week I talked about STRESS and it’s impact on your life, your body and your motherhood.

THIS week I want to get into the weeds of SELF CARE.

A topic rife with built in stressors of it’s own if you aren’t careful. It’s kind of a big hot-topic these days and can be a beast to really wrap your brain around but today we’re gonna tackle it to the ground and wrestle this bear in a 3 part series. BELOW is the full audio for part 1 of 3 if you want to give it a listen.

Self care is GOOD. It’s good to invest some time and resources into the care and feeding of SELF sometimes, and frankly with the rise of external pressures causing INTERNAL pressures, the idea of self-care can be the thin line between the exhaustion of anxiety and the conquering of our goals. And this can be even more crucial if your needs can’t, or aren’t, being met by the nuclear family around you or by the dominant culture within which you reside.BUT WHAT IS THE TRUE TASK OF SELF-CARE. What does it look like. HOW does one implement SELF CARE and more importantly, how do you carve out SELF CARE, if you are a mom whose motherhood has gone a little cattywompus?

While there are various schools of thought on how many variations of SELF CARE there are, I believe the simplest explanation is often the best. Cause I like to keep things REAL SIMPLE. I believe, in self care there are THREE Core Areas one can focus on:

  1. BASICS HEALTH – That’s the one we’re tackling today…



As simple as some of these might sound, stick with me, cause they both APPLY to all walks of motherhood but are sometimes legit hard to come by. First, BASIC HEALTH. All humans require food, water, and sleep to survive. This is ANATOMY 101. But if you think broader in the terms of SELF CARE, that list gets a little more detailed. And before we dive deep, let me remind you, this is NOT going to be an exhaustive list of SHOULD or SHOULDN’Ts. I’m not here to judge you or your diet or your weight or anything else that you might be worried about so REST EASY. I’m here to JOIN YOU in your journey to taking CARE of yourself…So let's go.


I remember myself once surviving for days eating only what my THREE toddlers had left behind on their plates. I’m pretty sure my diet consisted of coffee and half eaten apple slices. If that is you….that’s okay. But if you want to take that next step to feed your body a little better, may I introduce three ideas to your kitchen. These are SIMPLE and INEXPENSIVE and can be a GREAT BOOST to your overall health.

  • COLLAGEN POWDER - It's a Great Source of Amino Acids, which support a Healthy Mood, Strong Bones, Smooth Skin, Strong teeth, hair and nails, Proper Muscle Synthesis and much more I buy it in 2 can packages for I think 25 bucks and each can lasts me MONTHS so it’s a cheap investment and big bang for the buck

  • MCT Oil - 100% Medium Chain Triglycerides You MAY have heard of this already because it’s

hugely popular with the KETO diet movement that’s sweeping the world right now because of it’s touted exogenous factors (meaning it’s lower calories going in than it takes to burn it off) This might be the single most expensive thing I recommend and even then it’s not THAT bad. But MCT oil is a GREAT source of healthy fats for your body. And keeping it in your kitchen can be an easy way to sprinkle on salads/sandwiches, And while it SAYS it can boost metabolism, I personally like the fact that it offers sustained energy. I find that if I incorporate it into my whole families diet, I see improvements across the board.

EGGS - One of the CHEAPEST sources of healthy fats and protein. Cook them anyway you like, but let me tout how FAST you can scramble on for breakfast to forego a bowl of cereal. Or better yet, hard-boil a dozen at a time and place them in the fridge for easy snacks and/or lunch additions. I toss them in salads, slice them up with crackers and cheese for a quick lunch, or add them to avocado toast (my latest obsession) and a sprinkle of that bagel seasoning everyone is losing their brains over.

HYDRATION - DRINK WATER....so basic. But don't get fussy over fancy water bottles if you can't handle keeping track of them. BUY THE CASES just as easy! For those who LIKE a reusable bottle....try this one!

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