Ep: 005 - Take a Beat

Welcome to STRESSVILLE – the land of exhausted mother’s everywhere. Our coffee is cold our designer bags reside under our eyes and the piles of laundry serve only to hide the floors that haven’t seen a mop in months.

Our motto is YES WE CAN even when we know full well we shouldn’t, and we don’t bother with a team mascot cause frankly we have too many kids to manage the care/feeding of a pet.

If any of this sounds familiar to your life, THIS episode, number 5, of CattyWompus is for you (and like 10 of your closest mom friends so SHARE THE LINK folks and spread the love).

You can listen to the whole episode below or read on for highlights.

Do you ever find that you genuinely WANT to relax, you just can’t seem to take a beat? You can't rest. That’s what I’m tackling today, understanding this BEAST of stress and how it effects motherhood. First, I dove into the definition of stress:


So for moms, taking care of house and home and spouses and kids and maybe jobs and life and aging parents and finances and school and….

Or the special need moms, or medical moms. Where it’s doctors and therapists and medical bills and IEP's and 504’s and eleventy-billion ‘ologists’ you schedule and sleepless nights and….

hmmmmm so that's like, all of us, right?

Yep. I’m pretty sure there isn’t a Mother OUT THERE who doesn’t live with a certain level of constant “stress” in her life. Which in truth, is not all BAD. Some stress can motivate you to meet a deadline, or encourage you to make healthy changes in life. T


Stress itself isn’t a villain meant to steal our joy….


But stress means different things to different people. What causes stress in one person may be of little concern to another. And, while our bodies are designed to handle small doses of stress. We are not equipped to handle long-term, chronic stress without ill consequences. So then the key becomes learning how to RECOGNIZE the unhealthy levels of stress…..in OUR lives (not others, not in comparison which is the utter thief of joy, but in OUR life…in YOUR life).

What is YOUR stress threshold – stresshold!

To figure this out, we have to first, take personal stock. REALLY be honest about what you can and can’t cope with and what you can and can’t LET GO OF to find a better balance. Take a moment to mentally KonMari yourself and figure out what brings you joy and what needs to be released! Then, brutally attack the flack that weighs you down and cut it loose. Cut it voraciously, and with reckless abandon.

  • Be fearless about ditching that PTA position, you need time to rest and be with your kids.

  • Shamelessly step aside from that library volunteer position if you need time at home to rest more.

  • Shift around that side-hustle to allow for days away from the business side to rejuvenate.

Whatever area you can safely and reasonably let go – LET GO. And STOP the spiral of mom-guilt that tells you the world will end if you don’t bake eleventy-billion cupcakes by next Tuesday. It’s fine, their fine, you’re fine. IT WILL ALL BE FINE!

For me, this year, it was blogging. I’m a writer, I have published three books and am working on several more. I have a sci-fi fantasy fiction novel that I’m editing, and I’m dabbling in a romance novella series to stretch my skills. I LOVE writing and it fuels my joy and happiness and it’s wonderful. It stays. But personal blogging was a whipping in a half. Truth be told I was doing it cause I thought I had to to maintain my author platform but it was exhausting. So….it had to go. I replaced it with my PODCAST which has been an exciting new endeavor!

YOU can do this too. You can clear your mind of cluttery things that weigh you down, so you can focus on what matters most. Like your Marriage, Kids,etc. Then …. You look inside a little deeper. And think about what makes you tick….and what within YOU uniquely shows the stress threshold, or stresshold, within you.

The THREE primary manifestations of stress in the body are:


  • Persistent headaches

  • Sore muscles

  • Fatigue & Sleep Issues

  • Heart Rhythm shifts

  • Stomach problems & Dietary changes

  • Actual illness/infection from worn down


  • Agitated and moody

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Difficulty relaxing or quiet your mind

  • Self-esteem hit….feeling worthless/powerless/depressed

  • AVOIDANCE of others and public interaction


  • Constant Worrying

  • Racing Thoughts

  • Disorganized or Forgetfulness

  • Inability to Focus

  • Pessimism and/or Poor Judgement

Once you figure out what YOUR triggers are, you can be more mindful about ways to stem the tide of stress before it overtakes you. I'll address ways to soothe the savage beast in my next episode but for now, know that you aren't alone. Listen to the full episode to hear my special note to special need moms, medical moms, homeschooling moms, and even mombosses!

We are all doing the very best we can with the cards we have been dealt. And as hard as it is to believe, it IS OKAY to say NO! Mamas no matter where your plans go awry…. So BE BRAVE and BE BOLD and let GRACE cover everything you do!


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