Ep: 004 - The GRACE-Filled Why

This marks the 4th and, I think, final episode in a series of Podcasts on WHY. Today I’m discussing the need for GRACE to fill our WHY. Today’s episode is the last one in a series on the WHY, or rather the WHY’s that support and surround our goals. Be those New Year Resolutions, or parenting goals, be it financial efforts of business goals. As mom’s we have about ten plates spinning at any given time and it can be HARD to stay focused on our goals. HOPEFULLY this series has helped a little:

  • In Episode 1 we discussed how you should DEFINE the WHY underneath your goals.

  • In Episode 2 we gave a practical and fun thing to DO with your WHY to keep you focused.

  • In Episode 3 we talked about the need to adjust other life areas to RESPECT your WHY.

TODAY I’m setting aside all that motivational hoopla that we normal associate with reaching for the stars in life, and encouraging those mamas who maybe are slipping a little. If you ever aimed for a goal you didn’t reach, or thought you had some goal in the bag only to discovered you completely misguided your efforts, or better yet, you had it all lined up but LIFE when a little CattyWompus on you…..today, this show, is for you.

MOTHERHOOD is nothing if not flying from one phase of learning and growth into another as rapidly as a child goes from crawling to walking to running. The act of intentionally setting goals for yourself, however, might be a new one. Or if not NEW then perhaps an “OLD skill you are dusting off! It may have been a few years since you had the time and wherewithal to look up from under the crowd of diapers and baby food to realize your kids are old enough to begin taking time for yourself and things you dream of. IT can be scary and exhilarating at the same time to strip away our armor of parenting and again set goals for ourselves. IT’s scary. And it’s good. But what happens when we invest a little time in ourselves and our goals and we find not the success we hoped for but the actual failure we feared. Well I’m hear to share with you, FAILURE is AWESOME!

As mom’s we encourage our kids to ‘do their best’ and not worry about the end result. But for

ourselves, we often hold ourselves to ridiculously high standards because we feel the burden of destiny we have upon us. We KNOW our families are watching us and we FEAR that they are judging us and thus when we believe the loss feels so much more profound because of the negative audience we perceive in our minds.

Truth be told, there are judgy turds out there telling you 15 different ways you coulda shoulda woulda but the reality is MOST of our fear about being judged comes straight from within. What if the reason you didn’t achieve your goal had EVERYTHING to do with some unforeseen, outside influence, that you had zero control over. Ladies (and maybe gentleman) I give you life…motherhood…gone CattyWompus.

Sometimes the goals we set in good faith, become yesterday’s news to a fresh slice of chaos that life has delivered to you. It's happened to me more times than I can count. To say that I have had my goals derailed due to life going a bit askew is the understatement of the century. But did that make me a failure. NO. Did I fail to reach my goals….super yes, A LOT, but did I stop trying. NO.

For you, as a mom, you have to shake off all the past times you THINK you may have failed and you have to REALLY embrace those as LEARNING opportunities. You see, sometimes we forget that our higher calling has been placed on us by GOD and that within that each and every goal we set for ourselves is filtered through His grace and love and PROVISION. When we fail at some goal we set for ourselves, it’s an opportunity at GRACE to learn what we can and will pick ourselves up and try again cause we are never really alone. And sometimes, if we have to simply let a goal GO because life has knocked us on our butts, that’s okay too!


I wanna leave you today filled with encouragement because we are all doing the very best we can with the cards we have been dealt. We get married and start a family and we THINK that our motherhood is going to look a certain way, that we are going to BE a certain way. But the truth is we parent tiny people with their own personalities. We are married to individuals with their own needs. We live in a world where the only thing you can expect is that the unexpected is going to come a calling.

Your goals that you set for yourself should never become the tools of self-flagellation that you use for a mental beat down. They should encourage and excite you to learn and grow and strive for more than you thought possible. AND IN DEMONSTRATING this flexible grace on yourself, you are Showcasing a living breathing example of that SAME God-given grace to your kids. As such, you HAVE to believe that if a goal isn’t met, and you did all you could humanly do, then perhaps you just aren’t finished yet….


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