Ep: 003 - Respecting the WHY

Two weeks ago I dug deep on peeling back the layers of our goals and getting to that nice center of defining our WHY!

After that I walked you through my purely scientific (ie, total mom-tuition, no actual science used) methodology of creating VISION BOARDS to keep us focused and motivated despite our busy, busy days.

Well TODAY – I wanna tackle an element to goal planning that is very counter-culture and that’s RESPECTING your WHY.

Here's the full audio for you to listen to:


It was a Bag-O-Cats Crazy.

Now you would think I would have learned from my own past on this and avoided some of those

mistakes. HECK, I wrote about RESPECTING THE PROCESS in my book, Hail Mary for Peanut. But Here I was again, a few short years later, floundering and wondering why I wasn’t’ SUPERMOM!

But isn’t that what we all do. We have some goal…some focus….or some new effort that we want or NEED to attain, and we bear-down with a tenacity that would make the most rabid Mama-Bears proud, but the long-game has us so worn out that we loose our steam and exhaust our potential. We flame out too soon.

It’s an easy misstep to make in our world where everything is instant. We are thoroughly saturated in a culture whereby information and knowledge is readily available at the click of a button with little to know ACTUAL effort involved to attain it. AND IT’S GOOD! I LOVE the world and time we live in and I LOVE the ease of access we have to so much good stuff.

But I’d be blind to ignore the cost that some of this EASE and SPEED of life has brought to bare.

Any GOAL you want to achieve you must WORK FOR. But moreover, you must RESPECT the process. There is a Freudian term known as the Pleasure Principle that basically says we’re all a bunch of hedonists who like happiness and avoid pain. To freud I’d say, DUH – I don’t like Pain, it hurts me. Fire bad, tree pretty. This is an easy concept to grasp. But when you combine that instinctual drive for all things warm and fuzzy, with our societal proclivities for everything NOW NOW NOW you get into some muddy water.

Our daily lives are FILLED with a hodgepodgery of things that pull us in a million different directions. And the purpose of my podcast today is NOT to pressure you but to ENCOURAGE YOU. As mother’s we know, above all, that we have to remain FLEXIBLE for the times when lives slide at us sideways. Whatever you plan for now can change dramatically on a dime and all the beautiful goals you have defined for yourself this year and in the years to come may need to flex as you figure out how to fit those goals within the ultimately HIGHER calling of motherhood.

And here’s the REAL beauty of these new skills your dusting off. YOUR FAMILY is watching you. Your husband is seeing that vision board you hung up. Your KIDS are walking past those family goals. They are seeing you sacrifice in small ways now and when you reach your ultimate goal you will see them CELEBRATE YOU and all your hard work. MORE THAN THAT, your kids are gonna learn a skill from you that our world will never show them.

DELAYED GRATIFICATION! By respecting the WHY of our goals….you are ultimately setting THEM up to be better able to achieve THEIR goals.


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