Ep: 002 - What to DO with your WHY

Last weeks episode I went a little deep about the value of investing in some time really digging into your motivational WHY for your personal goals. When I’m quoting 1300’s Etymology and Beyonce in the same episode, you know it got weirdly deep right?! THIS WEEK I’m keeping it light and fun but continuing on that same train of thought.

THIS week we’re discussing WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR WHY!

When I first started investigating ways to keep me focused on all my various goals, I knew I needed a way to help keep that goal in the forefront of my mind. Especially being a busy mom it’s so easy to fall into that “out of sight , out of mind” pit. When you have bigs and littles and hubby’s, and pets and parents and bills all clamoring at you, personal motivation all to often gets shelved for the greater good of just trying to get dinner on the table and the laundry out of the dryer before it becomes tomorrow’s load to wash.

I researched ways to keep my goals in front of me and discovered this bright shiny world of motivational tools I didn’t know existed. Having reviewed them all, I can say I’m a fan of a more impactful but simplified VISUAL tool that I myself have recently begun applying to motherhood which has become a real game changer for me.


The basic definition of a vision board are as follows: a collage of images and words representing a person’s wishes or goals and MENTAL visualization is a practice of motivational use that's been applied in all elements of sports, science, and more for DECADES.

It’s that positive visualization whereby you remove all distractions and focus solely on your intent. But as a mom, we have a million things pulling at us on any given day both externally and internally. Thus, making a VISION BOARD helps to simply provide a constant visual to remind you on the daily about whatever your focus is, even if all you do is walk past it for your tenth load of laundry. To begin, you need to gather the following supplies (with links to Amazon):

  1. Canvas - any materials will do from cork board to posterboard to cardboard. Don't get precious about it, you'll just cover it up anyway.

  2. Magazines - Try to find ones you already own as they are likely more in line with your goals.

  3. Scissors - duh.

  4. Adhesive - double duh.

  5. Shiny Baubles - cause if you are gonna hang something to showcase your goals everyday, try not to make it look like a dumpster fire.

After that this gets super simple. Just Then, pour a glass of whatever makes you happy and get to

work. Flip thru those magazines and cut out ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that pertains to your WHY statement. Place a focal point in the middle of your board. Either a typed WHY statement in a pretty font, or a photo of you and your family and the goal you are aiming at. THEN, surrounding that central theme, place all the various elements you cut out all around it on your board. then...make it pretty with your washi tape, glitter pens, stickers, ribbons, and more. Whatever makes you feel happy about your goal and your motivation BEHIND your goal.

As a mom, a homeschooler, a special needs parent, what have you, the act of building a vision board can scratch the itch of almost every learning style or walk of life. I discuss that in depth on the show but trust me, this is gonna be GREAT for you. THE GOAL IS THE WHY – and the VISION BOARD is the tool.

When it’s all said and done, you go and hang that board somewhere that you will walk past and see it as many times a day as possible.

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