Ep: 001 - DEFINE your WHY

This is the first ever episode (and thus blog post of podcast show notes) of a brand-spanking new podcast called CattyWompus: Motherhood unHinged!

I can honestly attest that I have NO CLUE what I’m doing but I’m thrilled to get to do it WITH YOU! Since this episode IS starting in a NEW year here in 2019, I thought it would be good to talk about RESOLUTIONS. Sure, everyone has spent time in contemplative reflection of their previous 365 days, and maybe you have already chosen new goals to guide your reinvention of self. And that's GREAT….but I don’t necessarily want to talk about WHAT resolutions your making but rather I want to talk about the often overlooked WHY.

Here's the full episode if you want to listen in:

DEFINING YOUR WHY back in 2017

  1. INTERNALLY, Having a firm WHY will motivate you when your resolve is waning.

  2. EXTERNALLY Having a well thought out WHY statement will shield you from the judgey turds of the world looking to break into your little bubble with their own agendas.



  • Get a pen and Paper.

  • Find a quiet place.

  • Draft a list of CORE REASONS you are focusing on whatever your goal is.

Simple right! And don’t worry about if you think your why is too long or weird or ramble-y. Just get

those thoughts on paper. But afterwards,you do need to TRIM THE FAT! You want your WHY to be profound and impactful and have the longevity you need to see you all the way through til you reach your goals so avoid the following:

  1. NEGATIVITY: Don’t use fear, hate, self-loathing, or other negative influences to drive you. The purpose here is to STRENGTHEN your resolve and LIFT YOU UP to work towards your goal. You can’t do that if you are mentally giving yourself a beat-down on the daily.

  2. COMPLICATION: Sometimes to better justify our choices to others, we layer on a crap-ton of complicated reasoning that frankly THEY don’t deserve and YOU don’t require. The best WHY statements are not complex. Keep it real. Keep it simple. Keep it REAL simple.

This applies to all areas of motherhood including special needs parenting, mom-bossing, mom-hustling, and more. I detail those in the podcast but the BIGGEST benefit to defining your WHY is simply this:

Your WHY will drive your HOW!

We all fall. We all fail. Life hits us outta nowhere and can take the breathe right out of you. But when you are exhausted, at the end of your rope, and have no clue how you’ll find the motivation or resources to get back on track….a WELL DEFINED WHY will lift you up and shine a light on the next step. Even if that NEXT step means REDEFINING our original goal to fit our NEW reality.

Sometimes the HIDDEN WHY to all of this is that YOU can be an example to others. SEEING the grace within which you navigate through your motherhood, just might inspire some other exhausted Mama-bear to find those boot straps and pick herself up off the floor and carry on.

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