To Plot or Pants...that is the question

Sooooo....I haven't written a Blog since the end of August. SAVE the judgement, I can shame myself just fine. Life juggling is hard sometimes and the past few months have been crazy busy. Between the usual life, wife, homeschooling, and T1D maintaining, I've been eyeball DEEP in finishing up the editing on my Re-RELEASE BOOK. Add to all that we had some major house-hunting going on, which turned into house offering, then house inspection, and now WE'RE MOVING! All good things....but all taking a ton of my time and focus! SO I HAVEN'T BLOGGED -- cause #lifehappens.

However, today marks Day 6 of NaNoWriMo, an awesome writerly competition whereby you try to finish an entire 50k+ manuscript within the month of November. Since I have free time (lol) and am a bit masochistic, I decided to try NaNoWriMo for my NEW work in progress and it's going GREAT so far! However as I have switched Genre (eeeek GADS, did she say SWITCHED GENRE) I can honestly say that my pantser days are FAR behind me, and I'm a firmly rooted, dyed in the wool, PLOTTER now!

Where my plotters at -- someone give me the high-five of welcome.

For those who aren't familiar with my writerly lingo, Allow me to drop some knowledge on you. In

the writer world Pantser is someone who writes a book without any prior outline or scene list. They literally sit at their laptop with wild reckless abandon and see where the creative flow takes them. They fly - by the seat of their pants. Get it.

Err go, a PLOTTER is the opposite. A plotter takes painstaking steps to flesh out their ideas, do character profiles, outline or layout scenes and even do world mapping before they really begin drafting their manuscript. They PLOT their course. I wrote my very first book all wild and free...but this time around I am changing my process and BELOW are my 3 reason's why:

  1. Pantsing only works if you work your pants off! Sitting down to your trusty processor and banging away to create a masterpiece seems romantic but in truth in order to remain connected enough to the piece you'd have to be completely uninterrupted and have laser-sharp ninja-like focus. Or be a crazy cyborg robot. I legit wrote my first book while on pregnant BED REST for 6 weeks. I literally had nothing else to pull me away. But that is NOT the case now. I'm a wife, a mother, and I'm lucky if I get enough time alone to take a SHOWER much less pump out literary genius. Therefore, PLOTTING has become my weapon of choice. My scenes and outlines and character sheets allow me to stay on point, free from plot holes and scattered writing DESPITE my crazy and chaotic life!

  2. Plotting brings FREEDOM! Okay this sounds counter-intuitive but follow me for a second. Pantsing, again, requires a bit more anchoring of my time. I can't work on multiple projects and keep it all intact, by flying by the seat of my pants. There is too much potential to lose momentum and lose my place. PLOTTING allows me FREEDOM to creatively work on various projects without that fear of endless post-editing. I can create a blog, map out a vlog, or do editing on my completed manuscript and STILL come back to my shiny new project and pick right up where I left off!

  3. Pantsing fit my old genre, but not my new one. I know, I KNOW....I'm switching GENRE. So what, I'm a rule breaker! A literary REBEL! Go me. My 1st published book was a pseudo-biopic Non-fiction and as such the free-willing pants-style was a good fit. I mean, who else could tell my story, but ME! But now, I'm jumping into the wild world of fiction and it's a game changer. I need to develop characters, build worlds, and create plots, sub-plots, and more. There is NO WAY I can keep track of all those details without a good amount of planning under my belt. so PANTSING saves the day by letting me organize all the details in a way that lets me more freely create.

So while my fellow pantser buddies will always hold a special place in my heart, it's the PLOTTER'S I'll now forever relate to.



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