The Night Before (mom's) Vacay

Twas the night before Vacay, when all throughout

Not a soul was Adulting; mom had checked out.

Suitcases were packed by the back door with care,

With plans to sneak out before sunrise was there.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of junk food danced wild in their heads.

Dad bought provisions, mom turned a blind eye,

The freezers were piled with ice cream and pies.

Soon texts were beeping, then rose such a clatter,

Mom sprang from her bed with "now what's the matter"

Email and Skype flew up in a snap

and typing was fierce as she handled that crap

The boss man had panicked she'd messed up his plans

Mom put him at ease then clenched up her hands.

As soon as she snapped her Laptop down tight.

She sighed & said "I'm NEVER getting sleep tonight."

Dad gave a wink and said, "you could just stay here"

But mom rolled her eye's with a "no way my dear."

"I've put in my time and the house is all ready.

Laundry is done and the schedules are steady.

The budget is handled, the bills are all paid.

Dammit, Trips planned. Reservations are made!

NOW! Handle the children, keep them fed and alive

and when I return, let the house have survived.

Make sure kids have showered and are hydrated too

Just keep it afloat, PLEASE, I beg you!"

Dad chuckled out loud and his belly did jiggle

And mom sighed annoyance despite feeling tickled.

They crawled into bed with alarms set for morn

And mom tried to sleep despite feeling torn.

Her family she loved, more than air in her lungs,

But she needed this time to climb down a few rungs.

A small road-trip vacay, just her and her girls.

To help her remember the spring in her curls.

For the stresses of life were daunting at best.

And Lord knows these mama's don't get any rest.

Once in awhile a moment is needed.

So the stressed out and weary find rest when retreated.

Away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Away from the weight of mother and wife.

But the days they fly fast and the nights can be long.

And mama's remember each child's favorite song.

and dinners best loved and the lovey most wanted.

and they face every monster in closets, undaunted.

They fix all the buttons and sew up the hems.

They coordinate the lawncare and meals for friends.

They PTA, Coordinate, List Make, and PLAN

They drive to each sporting event in their van.

Their family, their calling, their heart, and their soul

will be wildly missed from the moment she rolls.

As wheels up and trip-bound she'll gleefully flee,

A part left behind there always will be.

This much needed trip will restore her bounce,

but it never alleviates the love...not one ounce.

Her hearth and her home and her love and her life.

Her time as mother, and before that a wife.

The joy they bring cannot be replaced

Even if once in awhile, frustration finds face.

She'll wake with the dawn and sneak from her home.

She'll taxi, and Uber to places unknown

She'll kick up her heels and embrace her old smile

And return to you all, more awhile

So DON'T PANIC, Dad, and keep it together

It's just a QUICK TRIP, Good GRIEF, not....Forever.

So pull up your bootstraps and Leave on a light

Happy Vacay to Mom, That chick NEEDS a good night!

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