Things are getting crazy...

The blog has slowed a bit as the past few months have increased in craziness. My book is THIIIIIIIIIS close to launching, my new 2017-2018 school year is THIIIIIIS close to beginning, and we have been THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSS close to buying not one, not two, but THREE houses (all of which has fallen thru).

The end result of all this is me, running around like a maniac. The book launch requires tons of final work on editing, layout, cover design, marketing prep, press release planning, and more. SO MUCH STUFF goes into launching a book, ya'll. You have no idea. It's nuts.

The new school year means lots of curriculum purchase and prep and of course getting our school space ready. Yes, our space. I'm not sending my kids AWAY for school, i I have to be all "adulty" and prepare to educate my sons. Seriously, I wanna hug every teacher I ever had and apologize for being so arrogant when I would grumble on the first day of school, having NO CLUE the amount of time they had already invested in me.

And then there is the house hunting. Come....let me tell you about, The. House. Hunting.

We have purchased houses in three different states during our lives and believe me we have run the gamut of every shape and size of home, financing options, and scenarios. And yet....we have NEVER lived anywhere quite like Greenwich, CT. House hunting here is a level of INSANITY I have never witnessed before.


Without getting into the numbers too much lets just say that we are now struggling, STRUGGLING, to find a house suitable for our little family. My husbands job has blessed us well so income is not an issue. We don't carry much debt, if any, and in fact we only have ONE car payment. Our credit scores are good, our financing is approved and finalized, our down-payment is ready to go, and we are renting and thus have no contingencies needed. The market is flooded with houses here and you would think with that combination we'd be a shoe-in to find a quick home and make quick work of settling in. Alas, the insanity has only just begun. We have placed offers on no less than 3 houses in the past month. 3 times we have dropped everything, rushed off to see a house on the market, then gone to see it a second time, and sometimes even met with a contractor because it was a fixer-upper. 3 times we have filled out paperwork, written checks, etc and then waited only to get denied. That's cool - I don't mind a little rejection. It's humbling. But here is the insanity part....

I have counted up no less then 20 houses I have literally driven past and seen, with my own eyes, that are VACANT. I can search online and see even more than that that have been left to fall vacant and hollow. Not just vacant but clearly ABANDONED. And I don't mean "oh maybe they are on vacation" vacant but legit "there's a birdhouse in the mailbox and the roof has a tree growing thru it" vacant. Totally vacant. WAY FAR VACANT! Poor, sad, abandoned houses that have been left neglected and sitting with no one to care for them. What's more is that I have tried to find the owners of several of these to see if we can buy one. I'd LOVE a fixer-upper house where I could make it my own. But can you believe these houses are NOT FOR SALE! Either someone is hemorrhaging money paying a mortgage and upkeep on a property they aren't living in. Or the banks/mortgage companies have equally abandoned these foreclosed properties and won't even pay for minimal upkeep, thus letting them fall into a state of disrepair that is just shameful.

And here we sit. Our little family of 5. Our credit scores are good, our financing is approved and finalized, our down-payment is ready to go, and we are renting and thus have no contingencies needed. Getting turned down time and time again for houses and unable to secure one. How -- HOW on earth does that balance make sense?

It doesn't. It's insanity.

But we forebear. We refuse to raise our financing standards to a point of budgetary discomfort just to buy more house than we need. WE also refuse to spend our ENTIRE budget on a 2 bedroom tear-down that's as old as America itself. We WILL keep our reasonable feet underneath us and wait for the right place to come along. Maybe say a prayer for my sanity though. Having babies to nest for in a nest we are renting that won't let us nest while trying to buy a nest of our own to feather for my little ducklings makes for one. Crazy. MAMA!

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