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Meet Rosalind Brown. Rosalind, or Roz as she is known, has a desire to ignite a spark of faith in Christ in every person she meets and, in particular, to encourage, empower and enhance the lives of single moms from all walks of life. As a speaker and writer, Roz is known for her candid content delivered with authority and with a dose of humor. Her counter-culture messages are full of eternal principles of Scripture to encourage, enhance, and educate women. Roz does not bow to current trends, common behavior, society's view of acceptable relationships, or the latest fashion. A firm personality trait that has served her well as she fell prey to the same shady publisher trap that myself and so many other authors fell into. Our commonality, though unfortunate, has introduced her and I both to so many creative talents. Her story is inspiring to me and I just had to share it here for you. THIS is her journey with Tate Publishing.

Rosalind Brown began writing in her childhood. From early poetry and as she matured, her writing took on a more focused slant into Christian Romance. But as adulthood bloomed around her she focused in on ministering to women. Her goal with her writing crystallized to profoundly bring the Truth of God's word to woman, single women in particular. Her mission, her ministry, emboldened her already finely tuned writer's itch and she began publishing books. In 2007 her book "I Will Never Leave Thee" was released as a study guide for Single Mom's. She went on to publish a book of Poetry "A Legacy in Poetry" before beginning her work on a third project entitled, "So You Wanna Be A Help Meet". It was

THEN that Rosalind opted to search out a new publisher. It was then that she discovered Tate Publishing.

"I believed because of the content of this book it would be best to go with a company that was like minded so I found Tate Publishing on the Internet, I had spoken with them previously and at this point I felt because of their Christian values and beliefs this was the time to use them."

With their good word and all her best intentions, Roz signed on and began a business relationship with the Tate family in 2015. Like so many others, her exchange with them started strong, but eventually took a turn to a quick drop off a sharp cliff. "Tate had some very impressive representative’s talk with me. I thought they had read my work before they published it but after working with them I found out that was not the case. They really made me feel like my idea was original and I'd be financially prosperous if I went with them. They made lots of promises with no true return on my investment with them." An investment totaling several THOUSAND dollars according to Roz. Money spent on goods and services she failed to see come to fruition. In the end, Tate left Brown unpaid for royalties she earned on her book. A book she has since had to re-publish.

Thought the Journey was a haggard one, Roz's strength is showing thru still today. As she says, this may have made her wiser but it has not deterred her from her goals. "My goal is to still to one day to be on the New York Best seller’s list coupled with my professional speaking Career; to continue to live out my life’s scripture which is Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven!"

An AMAZING scripture from a woman doing amazing things. KUDOS to you Roz for not letting the Shady ethics of one bad apple, turn you away from your craft.

For other would-be authors I say, TAKE NOTE. Rosalind Brown did not let her ship sink with the storm, but adjusted her sails and rode through. Do the work, hone your craft, and JUST KEEP WRITING

Rosalind Brown is the founder of Brighter Day Ministry, a support organization for single moms. She ministers the Word of God as a conference speaker, Sunday school teacher, and published author. Roz Brown was named Mulher Magazine's 2016 Woman of the Year. She was also the recipient of the 2011-2012 Outstanding Women Leader of the Year by Raytown Women of Today. She is an active member of her church and serves as Director of Women's Ministries.

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