Analog Writing in a Digital World

Author Heather D. Nelson in her favorite Journalling Spot

I'll confess. I LOVE the physical act of writing. Not like, "I'm gonna sit at my laptop and write a book" kind of writing, though I do that as well. But physically, pen in hand, journal in my lap, actual WRITING, writing.

Between texting, emails, social media, blogging, and more, the fine art of penmanship and tangible writing has been nearly lost. As a homeschool mom, I'm teaching my kids the mechanics of HOW to write and in so doing remembering so many writing rules and techniques I'd lost myself. And though I have been prayer-journaling for years, I find myself now focusing more on the aesthetics and the basic gist of it come down to this.




Physically writing is slower. You can text, tweet, post, email, and more simply with the hurried thump of your thumbs on your phone screen while you wait for your fast food order to arrive. but for the love, we all need to SLOW DOWN once in awhile. If you are a writer by trade, like me, think of this as a retro throwback to the days of Shakespeare when his entire body of work was painstakingly hand-written. The art of writing is NOT time wasted, it's value-forward! You will find yourself pining creatively in a different way by slowing down. You can envision your journals being found one day by someone who recognizes the jewel of your inner monologue in paper form.

If you are NOT a writer by trade, there is still so much value in tangible pen and and paper. I personally can see my children finding my prayer journals. One day, long from now. Flipping the pages and seeing how much I prayed FOR them, OVER them, or to be a better mother ON THEIR BEHALF. I want them not only to read the words, but SEE my inner struggles, the human-factor that often times get lost when you forget your parents are people too. I want them to see not only my struggles, but my wins. All the times I got to PRAISE God for blessings and triumphs. I want them to see how deeply I prayed for their own lives individually. Mommy wasn't just about the laundry and cooking and life-stuff. Mommy deeply prayed for each of them at different times. My heart literally aches onto the pages when I use my pen-in-hand time to write and I can't wait for the day my adult sons come across those tombs of a side of mommy they couldn't see before. And don't worry, it's not expensive either. My 20 dollar Journal has lasted me YEARS now. Add in a pretty pen and BOOM. Inexpensive, amazing, therapeutic even.

If your only outlet for writing comes in the form of your occupational craft, consider this a chance to stretch your creative legs. According to Forbes a JOB JOURNAL is a great way to document your career wins, but for me journal writing is a better way to let you wax unrestricted. If technical writing, medical writing, SEO copy writing, journalism, or educational writing are your day to day, then welcome to the world of freestyle tangible expression. Grab a beautiful leather bound journal of craft paper and a heavy pen and let your mind wander unencumbered. If you are more of a lunchtime bench warming writer, snag a small hardbound notebook that stows in your bag well write wherever you are. but WRITE. Not type. Not Text. WRITE. It's the easiest form of communication I can think of where no one has a voice in what you do or how you do it. You MIGHT even find it helps you become a better technical writer if your creative brain gets a chance to have a voice.

No matter what your WHY is, there is a journal for you. Spiral bound, hard bound or leather bound. Simple and small, or craft paper and bulky. Lightweight and pocket-ready with a pencil or heavy weighted with a luxury pen. Whatever medium you choose, I invite you to remember how to slow down and freely express yourself. But whatever form you choose, Just. Keep. Writing.

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