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“I was working on helping a child survive the devastating, ongoing and far-reaching effects of sexual abuse, and I was striving to get the message out in a format that was approachable, safe and completely tasteful to help other children caught in abuse of any type.”

Such an amazing goal and a wonderful testament of a survivor trying to overcome and help others to be free, and safe. And so, hard to understand how a publisher claiming Christian beliefs could scam and swindle them. This, marking the 20th article in my series on a Tate Publishing, run by Richard Tate and then Ryan Tate, who had closed their doors and nearly took their authors down with them. This is also the story of how countless authors have risen up, risen above, such shady publishers and found a new purpose and focus on their writing. THIS is the story of Marybeth Elliott.

When Marybeth Elliott’s son was very young, he was subjectesd to abuse by a neighbor. As heart wrenching as that was her focus was to protect all her kids and help them heal past the incident. But when her son was 10, he approached her with the idea that he wanted to help OTHER kids. He wanted to write a book, so other children would know that it’s SAFE to tell and get help. Marybeth was understandably moved. “His kindness and openness and willingness to help others heal was the hope he had for all who had been abused.” So Marybeth drew on her love of writing, and she and her son set to the work of crafting a book written FOR kids.

“When I started with Tate, it was a positive experience…they were quite friendly and receptive, and answered all questions promptly. A few months into the process I found it to be disappointing and less than what I had hoped with regard to the quality of the work, and their response to questions and willingness to correct things I had wanted corrected.” Despite her disappointment with Tate, the work was well received and highly endorsed so she stayed with them until the end. Her frustrations during production grew to a height when her initial cover design came back and was in horrific condition. She tried to push back but was essentially FORCED to accept the work as is. She felt powerless. Then, she received that fateful email that so many of us received. Tate was closing their doors for good.

Marybeth’s first response was to reach out to her Tate contacts and find out what had happened to

the company, and likewise, her work. Her efforts proved in vain. “I did try again to contact Tate, again and again, I heard absolutely nothing. Silence. We have invested almost $8000 between these two books. That is A LOT of money, for no return. It turns out, David's Shield was never even promoted. You cannot find it anywhere, literally. And these were books to help children get out of abuse. Which makes it even more evil, in my opinion. Selfish greed, and nothing less. We invested that cash because we felt we could really help kids, and it was a lot for us, but worth it to help kids. We sacrificed a lot for these books, but knew we could save children. That is why we did it.” Sacrifice that included a website paid for but never provided by Tate.

Despite the money paid out, and materials and work never received, Marybeth was determined more than ever to advocate for her son’s original dream. To create a book that would help other kids feel safe to share and seek help. “My goal now is stronger than ever to get these books out, and into the hands of children and families who need them. To save children from abuse has always been my highest calling, and that remains. It is simply stronger now, and more focused and determined than ever.” And to that I can proudly attest that Marybeth is offering her books for sale DIRECTLY from her personal stock. With her permission she has asked me to share an email address for anyone interest to contact her directly. You can email Marybeth at get your own copy of her books.

Sellling their stock to continue their work, an amazing feat from an amazing mom trying to do amazing things. I applaud Marybeth Elliott and her son both for their fighting determination. To push on after such broken trust is just such a great show of character! Way to display what we are all fighting for Marybeth! If you truly feel that writing is your calling, if you are drawn to share your insights with the world as an author, you may have to fight harder than you anticipated to accomplish your goals. BUT DON’T EVER GIVE UP! Hone your craft, do the work, push on, and JUST KEEP WRITING!

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