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“I have no regrets, just a lot of disappointment.” – Renata Kell

Sometimes authors use their craft to navigate thru the muddy waters of recovery. From physical trauma or emotional damage or even addictions; the literary world is littered with the by-products of creative genius that is credited solely to the painful process of healing. Tate Publishing attracted one such author into their web of shady publication by appealing to the inner strength that only a survivor can possess. This is Renata Kell’s story of her amazing journey through a bad addiction, into a bad publishing deal, and onto a newly forged determination.

Ever since Renata was in the fifth grade, she knew she had a knack for writing. Her teachers noticed too how she could express herself so uniquely in written form, different even than in other media of communications. As she grew to adulthood and eventually married, her spouse encouraged too. He spent the good part of 25 years trying to get her to try her hand at writing a book. But the timing just never felt ‘right’ to Renata. It wasn’t until her world came crumbling around her that inspiration finally met her at the crossroads of desperation.

Her book, Post Trauma, was written as a coping mechanism during a time when she could not verbalize what was happening

Kell was so ‘green’ at the idea of submitting a manuscript she had to Google search the instructions on how to even format one. Once she did, it was the publisher's quick response that made her confidence rise to believe she really might make a go of it. “I submitted my manuscript on a Thursday and on the following Tuesday morning the phone rang. It was Tate Publishing. A woman began to speak about my book being accepted and that only the top 6% of submission where accepted.” That woman went on to educate Renata Kell on the process, and talking up the contracts and royalties and how Tate would be with her for the LIFE of her book. Tate’s words were like oxygen to someone previously suffocating in guilt.

“I remember being in shock and just listening as she rambled about how strong I was and how special my book was. It was so unbelievable. I remember hanging up the phone and falling to the floor sobbing and shaking. I believed this was my way to right my wrongs and finally God had a plan for ME.”

The process with Tate proceeded quickly and before long her book, Post Trauma :Facing my Pain and Embracing Change, was on the shelves and ready for selling. Then suddenly, as so many Tate authors discovered, things began to shift. Marketing responsibilities were placed firmly on

Renata’s inexperienced shoulders. Though she was ill-prepared, she attempted to do the work and invest her time and efforts as best she could. “I dove in all the way. Trying to do what Tate instructed me to through weekly email marketing strategies. It wasn’t until later when a reporter who I was hounding finally called me and gave me a lesson in vanity press scams. I researched his information and things crumbled a bit. Then I picked myself up and dusted myself off once again. I decided I would let it ride and see what happens, after all I had a life time contract with Tate. Right?” But Kell’s can-do attitude and willingness to supply the elbow grease just wasn’t enough to keep her project, or Tate Publishing, afloat.

Despite a download rate of over 17,000 downloads and excellent feedback, Renata still hasn’t seen a penny in royalties or tangible sales. “I was plugging along, trying to market my book alone, and One day I got an email about a company transition. I tried contacting Tate and got nothing so I turned to the computer to find out Tate closed and they were going bankrupt.” A crushing blow for Renata Kell after YEARS of her time and thousands of dollars invested. “All of a sudden I became very doubtful of myself and my book.” As would anyone who witnessed the fraudulent theft of such a private and personal body of work.

Still, despite the crushing loss of Tate’s business, Renata has spun her consistent fighting spirit into trying, yet again, to forge a new path for her life. She has SUCCESSFULLY re-published her original work. Did you catch that loyal readers, RENATA KELL has overcome Tate Publishing's shade and is now BASKING in the glow of her very own Do-Over! Her book, Post Trauma is available NOW...right now. She is dabbling at blogging and honing her craft until she figures out what her next step needs to be as well. Tate Publishing's spectacular business failure has also knit Renata into a new group of support. For RENATA is not alone. SO MANY AUTHORS affected by Tate have joined forces in the form of two different private Facebook groups on Social Media.

Fellow authors swapping Tate stories, sharing what worked for them and what didn’t. Even offering warnings about the predator editors who are targeting Tate authors. After all, what else does a shark do but swarm to the fresh blood in the water. All the attention to Renata’s story hasn’t been overlooked by her wry sense of humor however. “The irony is thanks to Tate I'm getting exposure but no longer have a book available.” A bittersweet statement of humorous irony tinged with a bit of sadness. But just a little....because again I say...,.RENATA is back in business!

Renata Kell’s story is just 1 in the now 16 articles I’ve been privileged to write up about the Tate Publishing debacle. But for me, the take away from Renata’s tale is the beginning statement. She has no regrets, just disappointments. To have been thru the struggles Renata has faced…to have had your work stolen from you the way Tate has stolen hers and so many others….and to still be able to hold your chin up and say, “I have no regrets”! THAT is a strength of character that is almost undefinable. I have no doubt that with Kell’s long-standing history of pulling herself up by her bootstraps, we WILL see MANY of her book on the shelves again one day. Sooner rather than later I hope for the world needs that kind of FIGHT. Until then, I applaud Renata Kell and her determination. Her story can give us all WISE eyes as we proceed with caution into the foray of publication. But moreover, if Kell can overcome a publisher shark like Tate, SURELY so can we all. That’s how you never quit, never give up, and JUST KEEP WRITING! ROCK ON RENATA! I can’t WAIT to see what you do next!

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