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Sometimes the path to publishing takes you round the bend. You can begin your project with one goal, one direction, and see it shift directions into something completely different. In some cases, you may eventually find out that you have come full circle and are back where you began. Authorship is a continual wheel of evolving creativity at times but the end result we all long for is publication. For people to hear our voice within our products. But what do you do when all your hard work towards publication goes a bit sideways? Such is the focus on a series I have been writing the past few weeks. I have written extensively about a family of authors who were duped by a “publisher gone wrong”. A bad deal, a predator editor, so-to-speak. A company who with a bad turn of business threatened to shut down the creativity of hundreds if not thousands of authors who had entrusted them. But not everyone was silenced so easily. Such is the story of Vera Lauren.

Vera new she wanted to write ever since she was a child. True to her goals, she worked at her craft, attending creative writing classes and camps. She would write, type, or just about use any other medium she could find to house her stories. In her early career days, she even wrote copy for a local news station to try and stretch her skills. Being a woman of faith, she infused her work with her beliefs and when she teamed up with a friend to draft a book, it seemed only natural to write about their combined beliefs, utilizing Lauren’s strengths in editing and compilation. They began a relationship with one publisher, but late in the deal Vera’s friend found Tate Publishing. A self-proclaimed Christian publishing house. It seemed like a perfect fit and in 2011, they all pushed forward to produce, The Measure of Christ’s Love.

Like many Tate author’s, Vera Lauren explains that her experience began positive enough, but quickly went south. “We had about 5 promising minutes with Tate Publishing, and then it was all downhill. I always got the run-around, hardly ever got to speak with the same person.” The employees seemed to be disgruntled at times, and towards the end of design, Vera says, her

Designer seemed to just want to hurry up and get the project off their desk. Moreover, the pricing of their book was a source of contention. Both Vera and her partner wanted to price the work at a low cost to allow for maximum distribution. Tate pushed back, selling the book at nearly twice the requested fee. Editing proved to be a bigger nightmare still for Lauren and her friend. “I went through 5 editors, and not one ever found any mistakes! I’d like to think I am a good writer, and editor, but no mistakes? Finally, the 6th editor did a little work, but that ended badly. They rushed me to print, and would not give me the time to finish editing. It was a Friday, and I asked if I could send the final copy in early Monday. They said no. I was baffled by the pressure imposed on my work.” It wasn’t until later that she discovered her book was to be printed by CreateSpace which made the pressure’s more confounding. Lauren goes on to say that in revising her work for republishing she has found errors to the content that were not in her previous rough drafts to Tate. Sentences that appear written by children, and whole sections of content left missing.

And in case you missed that, I’ll take a moment to point it out again.

Vera Lauren is republishing.

For Vera, full circle was exactly where her journey was leading her and she ended up back at her original publisher. Her book is scheduled to be released soon by Waterside Productions. The disappointments from Tate’s actions have not dampened Vera’s spirits to push on and that’s a trait I applaud! As for her outlook going forward Lauren is as positive as ever. “For me, the recovery process really has a beautiful energy. I pay tribute to the other Tate Authors! I am humbled by their loving energy, and generosity. I can honestly say this experience is most rewarding. I have been blessed with new friendships, enriching opportunities, and valuable advice.” To overcome obstacles and push on is a character trait that is not often found these days. But to push on with such a bright positive outlook is refreshing!

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