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Rosie Moore is loving wife, mother to three adorable kids, and a published author of both children and adult books. To anyone reading, Rosie already appears to be one super-star multi-tasking Mama. But her road to success hasn’t always been easy. Struggles, challenges, and set-backs have definitely forced her to grow stronger. But one set-back in particular has threatened to de-rail her writing career altogether. Such is the focus of this article where I cover yet another author, in a growing series, based on Tate Publishing and their shady business tactics. But this one has a twist. SPOILER ALERT: Rosie NEVER pursued a relationship with Tate Publishing and she NEVER paid them a dime in author contract fees. Here’s how her story unfolds.

Rosie Moore self-published her first book, A Story of Faith, all on her own in 2012. She was enjoying the process and moving towards her next project when suddenly Tate approached her. “Tate found me after seeing my self-published book in 2014. They offered me a contract on the spot. After republishing the first book, they offered me a lifetime author contract free of charge.” Certainly a twist on the many Tate Publishing stories I’ve heard thus far. Rosie’s experience with Tate was a good one, great even, as she says Tate seemed to “really watch out for [her]….they made [her] a priority.” Top of all the Tate employees, Moore says, was Trinity Tate-Edgerton. Trinity was Rosie’s Acquisition Manager and the primary point of contact. During her time with Tate, Moore published no less than 6 books total:

As work progressed forward for three MORE books, Rosie was oblivious to the problem’s Tate was enduring legally. That is, until that fateful day when a disgruntled former employee had a pang of conscience and decided to send an anonymous email to a group of authors. The email was short but packed a punch.

“I would like to inform you that Ryan Tate does not pay his employees and your book will never be finished. He has no more employees, editors, designers, printers, but they still keep on selling and make promises that they can finish your book.”

Rosie, like we all, immediately reached out to Trinity Tate-Edgerton. Unlike a song and dance response so many of us got, Trinity simply confessed that the company was going under and promised to forward Rosie to a new publisher house. Trinity even went to far as to issue 'a ticket number' for the author portal system to help reassure Rosie she would NOT be forgotten. A promise that would be ultimately be broken. While Rosie may not have invested the big author contract fee so many of us were fleeced with, she was still taken for a ride in over $3,000.00 of materials never received. “I never received ANY royalties. Books that I prepaid for before they were published were never delivered. I ordered books of other books and was entitled to some free copies as well but never received them. I also never received the marketing materials I paid for.”

The biggest heartbreak in all of this for Moore, however, was never the missing merchandise. She had a higher calling thru her writing that has been deeply impacted. “I had 6 books out and shared links all over the internet and in interviews and now all of that has to be taken down and redone. But worse, my goal as a writer was to get my books out there and make sufficient income on them to donate proceeds to my charity I started, The Gift of Life which means to support and empower the parents and families of premature infants." Her charity began after Rosie's own journey with the premature delivery of one of her children.

In the grand picture of Tate Publishing’s glorious demise, Rosie’s loss is small in comparison to

some. But the impact of Tate’s actions within the industry is proving to be a black mark. Finding a new publisher for Rosie is going to be challenging, and she may be forced to self-publish all her works again, paying out of pocket for work that should have already been done. But still, Moore remains focused on the future. “I cannot change what happened and dwelling on it will not resolve anything but I will be strong and move past this. This experience has taught me that I have a voice in what I write but I know that I will not prepay for anything until my book is 100% ready for publishing and I will always make sure to have my files in hand as my property. I have a novella and 2 children’s books ready for publishing. I plan to republish my original books myself and then seek out a traditional publisher for my new books. At this point the only thing I can do is let go and Let God!”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Look up, move on, learn and JUST KEEP WRITING!

Rosie has three children, Christopher, Kayla, Kaleb and one fur baby, Daisy the Basset Hound. She is bilingual in Spanish and holds a translator certification through Berlitz. She has worked for many years in healthcare and the legal field, where her compassion and love of people originated. Her hobbies include reading, writing, dancing, spending time with her kids, and her husband. Most recently Rosie Moore was crowned Mrs. Windermere and hopes to use the platform to raise awareness about The Gift of Life.

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