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In this technical day and age, it’s so easy to fully go in with a publisher and never actually lay eyes on them. Such was the case for hundreds, if not thousands, of Tate Publishing authors. The company closed its doors and so many of us, myself included, were left with nothing more than unanswered phone calls and unresponsive emails. It’s almost makes the scam feel easier to bear that we all needed to learn a life lesson from some invisible company we never REALLY got to meet. Almost. But what about the few artists and authors who did get to meet Tate Publishing in person? How has Tate’s glorious failure impacted the creativity and emotional investment of these people who got to feel the bricks, see the mortar, and hug the people? This shift in my series on authors victimized by bad publishers is what intrigued me about Dawn Foss. This is her story.


Dawn began writing her first book in 2012 entitled, I Will Stand. She felt called to create a book that would help the next generation of kids develop good character. Dawn’s Christian beliefs shaped her work and she had incredible support within her church family as well. So much so, in fact, that when she was accepted by Tate Publishing to begin production of her book, her church offered to give her a proper book signing as well. That was in 2013. Dawn was so moved by her success at the time, she felt confident in moving forward and went on to write even more books:

Dawn even started a series call Sonic Adventure Gang. Beyond her books, Foss went forward to cross over into music production as well and Tate was all to happy to help her with her efforts.


“I went to Mustang, OK [the Tate Headquarters] three times to record vocals and do photo shoots and music videos. I brought one of my daughters with me each time, and we had a fantastic time! I visited the crew at Tate Publishing, and was given tours of the facility. I even got to tour the printing department, which looked like it was growing very well.

These were real people, nice people, people I felt I could trust.”


Mr. Tate hugged me and was very happy to hear my testimonyWalking in WisdomJoy of the Season.

Despite the personal treatment she received. Tate took her money just like everyone else. All told Dawn invested over $12,000.00 dollars with Tate Publishing before she finally realized what was happening. “I had a credit of 200 books and 500 CD’s that I paid for but never received. I had mobile apps and push cards and digital download cards that I’ll never get. I had four additional books in editing/layout that were supposed to be released in the next few months. Those are just gone now.” All told Dawn now has 9 books and 4 music albums she must re-boot.


Having met so many Tate member’s in person, the impact to Dawn is as much outward as inward. She grieves as much for the other authors who, like her friend, invested and lost. But also the employees that Tate left unpaid and the vendors left without their money due. “I wish Tate had been wiser with their finances so this would not have happened. So many employees have not received paychecks that they earned, and so many vendors are suing because they have not been paid for services rendered. It’s very unfortunate for everyone.” Foss will have a lot of work ahead of her to do the research and find new reputable companies to work with….and she knows she’ll have an even greater hill to climb with the Tate name so heavily attached to her work thus far.

Even still, Dawn Foss is determined to push forward and reclaim what was lost. Surprisingly, with a grateful spirit and positive outlook! “I am grateful though, I am blessed. Things are looking up. I plan to do as much as I can through CreateSpace and Kindle. I look forward to working with an honest company! I count it an honor to have met so many other talented authors going thru the same situation as I am in. I pray for Tate family and the Tate employees and vendors and I hope for many successful years ahead of me and my career.”

Dawn Foss has ALREADY found a measure of success with her latest release, Hidden Secrets, a mystery! Now THAT is how you take a heartbreaking let down, and use it to fuel your creativity into new directions. I applaud Dawn and her forgiving nature and WISE eyes to proceed with caution. That’s how you never quit, never give up, and JUST KEEP WRITING! ROCK ON DAWN!

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Twitter: @DawnFoss


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