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You know sometimes despite all the due diligence and research, you can still get totally sidelined by unforeseen situations. I have written extensively these past few weeks, about various authors who were duped by a “publisher gone wrong”. A bad deal, a predator editor, so-to-speak. But not everyone who worked with this publisher was expecting grandeur. Some knew fully what brand of publishing Tate Publishing was and still somehow ended up getting scammed. Such is the story of the unsinkable Andrew Klein.

Andrew began writing his first book with the help of his son, then age 7. His son gave him a wealth of insights and Klein’s first book soon grew into a series of books. Or rather, an IDEA of a series. Andrew poured himself into each page and he was so inspired to just wanted get his new book, a fun and exciting read, into the hands of as many kids as he could. When he hit a certain level of “completeness” in his work, he began researching publishers. In 2015 he found Tate Publishing. “After researching other ‘hybrid’ publishing companies, I felt Tate could give me the best offer to product my series. They published my first book, The Fantastic Adventures of Oliver Phenomena, in February of 2016, with my second and third books well into production by the end of the same year.”

Andrew knew full well that Tate was NOT a traditional publisher house, nor a Print on Demand or even Self Publisher. Despite Tate’s marketing model, Andrew saw them as they were, a hybrid stint of the old vanity publishing firms. A Pay-to-play publisher, if you will. With his eyes open he made an educated choice thinking he had a solid plan and could get good bang for his buck. Sadly, even as mindful as Andrew was with his contract with Tate, even he ended up being a victim. Klein said he received a ‘smoking gun’ of an email from a begrudged former employee of Tate Publishing. The email stated simply that Tate had gone out of business and no more work would be done. “After the email, Tate then wrote a big email to all us authors that the whistle blower was a big lie, a hacker, and that we should all feel safe. Then came some new ‘portal for author communications’ and shortly thereafter a final email about Tate’s transition and subsequent closing.” Within less than a year of signing on with Tate, Andrew was suddenly left holding the bag.

No email or phone communication from his former Tate representatives, and no quarterly sales reports or royalties. Surely no marketing done on his first book and NO idea on where the 2nd and 3rd books left off in production. That is, if production was ever really started.

Andrew even bought into the ‘Publisher for Life’ contract that so many of us fell prey too. A surprising step from a man who seemed to have no delusions as to Tate’s REAL business model. Alas, a testament still to Tate’s cunning use of emotional wording and pressure sales tactics. “I, like so many, lost all the books I already published, and lost momentum on the others I began production on. I had even begun a 4th book as a memoir of 15 years I spent travelling the world. Now it’s stopped too.” Discouraging to be sure. Klein did have a few choice words for Tate Publishing though. Even though their closing has put a damper on his reputation as a writer, Andrew was bold in stating that Tate would “reap what they sow. Tate will get theirs in the end, no doubt.” Andrew is at peace to forge a new path forward and leave Tate behind in his past. He also is encouraging all his fellow Tate authors to keep their chin’s up and make sure they don’t let this get them down. Andrew is undeterred in his original goals.

“I am waiting for some responses from other publishing companies, and trying to stay positive. In keeping it real, and after reading all of the encouraging messages from other Tate victims, I’ve learned to just keep going and not let this get me down.”

WISE WORDS indeed and one I echo often myself. JUST KEEP WRITING! “If the good Lord sees fit to instill in me the inspiration to write, then WRITE is what I’ll do. I’ll still be around and trying different ways to get published despite Tate’s unfortunate business ethics.” Way to go Andrew! If you keep that work ethic and fighting spirit up, I feel confident I will see YOUR books on the shelves again soon!

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