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Have you ever seen a situation in life the inspired you to be the force of change? Have you then ever taken action on that inspiration and literally put your money where your mouth is? It’s a bold and brave place to be and one that can bring about GREAT change in the world. Change inspired by real life emotion and force of passion. As a writer, I sometimes get the privilege of telling wonderful stories of people who have quite literally used their life challenges and struggles to be the face of change. Such is my joy with this article about Charron Walker. She and I crossed paths because of a commonality and sisterhood thru authorship. Both of us fell victim to Tate Publishing and their unethical tactics. But Charron didn’t start out to be a career writer, and her true victory lies in life before her books themselves. Today I get the great pleasure of sharing that with YOU.


Charron Walker was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the young age of 32. The shock of diagnosis was quickly leveled with the reality and gravity of what it meant. Her own mother having passed away from Breast Cancer at the young age of 34, Charron knew intimately what her diagnosis meant for her. But after aggressively fighting the disease, she became a conquering warrior. Her victory, amazing as it was, served only to fuel her mind into creating a change. The unique nature of her young age allowed her to see a gap in system. She was driven to seek a shift in approach for the emotional support side of cancer for women under the typical age demographic.

“There are more and more women being diagnosed with breast cancer at an early age. Younger women have different struggles and needs we face with diagnosis, treatment and moving forward with our lives. I wanted to let women know that Cancer is not a death sentence.”

This passion to help others drove her to start Young Survivors Network and in 2006 her life struggles became a purpose. As an organization, Young Survivors Network has a mission to educate, support and advocate for young women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Specifically women UNDER the age of 40. They do this using one-on-one mentor-ship and support connections, but also by reaching out to younger demographics of cancer fighters to try and help them thru the tough questions unique to YOUNGER warriors.

One could look at the fruition of Walker’s efforts and think, JOB WELL DONE, but Charron wasn’t near done yet. She wanted to do more, reach more women, broaden her arms around a greater populace. So she began crafting her journey into words. She began drafting her own story first through her mother’s battle then also her own. Pouring 100% of herself into each page, she was

My Purpose, God's  Plan by Charron Walker

diligent to create a manuscript that could be a source of support to other young women hearing such a big diagnosis at such a young age. Then, in 2010, with her manuscript done, she began searching the internet and Tate Publishing’s model seemed to fit the bill. They presented themselves as a reputable, Christian, organization. Surely, she felt, they would be the solid rock to support her book. She published her first work with them entitled “My Purpose, God’s Plan” and all seemed to be rolling along as she hoped. Sadly as with so many other Tate authors, Charron’s work was left undermarketed and she quickly became fed-up with the lack of professionalism.

Between emails always shifting her marketing rep connections around, and notifications of business moving off to the Philippines then back again, it seemed she never had a solid team to work with. She finally received an email in January of this year about Tate closing their doors. She was offered the same option as everyone else to pay a fee and receive her files, but as she stated, there was no point. She had already invested over $4000.00 in personal funds in books and marketing materials and could see no value in giving them more money.


“I knew I would not get a response after the way they had treated me. I chose not to send any more money to Tate Publishing; they breached the contract by closing their doors. I am in the process of writing my own letter and sending it certified requesting all my files to be returned, including the cover and art work associated with my work. But I won’t release them from their liability to me.”


Still, after all that, she is undeterred. Charron is focused now even more than before. She plans to self-publish her book and continues to advocate for her AMAZING organization. She has also begun writing a SECOND book to further support her goals. The setbacks caused by Tate Publishing have proven to be painful but educational. Isn't that always the way life-lessons tend to be. Her biggest fear, however, is the reputation left behind. “Because of how Tate did business, there could be backlash within the publishing industry. If I try to go to with another publisher I may have to come up with a plan B which could cost me more money.” Sadly, a fact we authors are learning to be true. The reputation within the industry that Tate left in their wake, has left all us authors with a blight on our work. No matter the amazing creativity or impassioned purpose of our work, the Tate label is proving an anchor we must overcome.

No doubt, Charron will find success for she has embraced that fighting spirit. But relaunching her books is not all she plans to do. Charron has a message for her fellow former Tate authors. A simple but powerful scripture reference that drives her still:

“Romans 8:28 (NKJV) ‘And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose’.”


I can think of no better way to end this article than that. I am inspired, RIGHT NOW, to sit and craft my own work and I challenge you ALL to immediately JUST START WRITING. But not until you check out these links to learn more about Charron Walker and her AMAZING fighting spirit!

Instagram: Charron Walker

Facebook: Charron Walker

Learn more about the Young Survivors Network at:

Facebook: Young Survivors Network

Website URL:

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