Ode To Nespresso

I am a mommy. I need Coffee.

I am a mommy to 3 Boys. I need Coffee Daily.

I am a mommy to 3 Boys only 20 months apart. Dear, Lord I need Coffee Daily.

I am a mommy to 3 Boys only 20 months apart and the oldest is a Type 1 Diabetic.

Dear, LORD I need Coffee Daily like Oxygen!

If any of the above statements resonant with you as an exhausted slightly sleep deprived mother of over-energetic kids == YOU are my people. However, I could add one more statement to the above and say, "but I'm on a budget and while I want GOOD coffee, I'd like it to not pay eleventy-billion dollars to starbucks every day." amiright?

To be fair, I have had a longtime love Starbucks even before Type 1 Diabetes hit our household. It's strong and tasty and luxurious but DANG it's pricey and frankly it's not always that convenient. In fact, my current home only has two locations remotely close to me and even that is a solid 15-20 minute drive away. Whats worse, only ONE has a drive thru and these days if I have to get my crazy crew out of the car to navigate a crowded store i'm FAR less likely to venture there. And i'm just sayin, if I go through all that hassle and you mess up my order more often than not, I'm NOT throwing my money out the window at you anymore. That's a rant for another time......

So here's a rundown a few coffee systems I have used and loved and passed over. So brew yourself a cup and ENJOY!



In my time *cough cough DECADES* as a coffee connoisseur I've had a LOT of home brewing systems over the years and to be truthful the Keurig was a game changer. It was FAST and EASY. But the quality of the coffee was, frankly, never very strong and the machine kept breaking down thus I was having to buy a new one every year and a half or so. Once the budget took that hit one too many times, I inquired as to other options and a friend told me about the Aero Press.


AeroPress is a SUPER COOL concept whereby you require NO expensive pods, or even electricity, to make your own custom strength of trendy and tasty coffee. If you are super eco-conscious but still worship at the morning alter of the bean, this is definitely for you. However, the end result, while delicious, is more time consuming than my early morning mommy brain could handle. And frankly after a sleepless night of Blood Sugar chasing, the brains needs all the coffees faster in order to do the mommying....cause.....TIRED. T1 tired is a special kinda tired they don't prepare you for.


Enter....Nespresso. Gifted to me as a housewarming because my mommy knows I love me some good coffee.....I can attest I'm completely 100% addicted. MOREOVER, it's actually cut my starbucks expenditures to nearly NOTHING and yet I feel completely like I'm spoiled to luxurious coffee every day. IT's AMAZING! If you wanted a cost breakdown, check this out.

Initial system cost is around 165 bucks for a full Virtuoline system with the frother. They have cheaper models out there too but with that median price they really aren't much pricier than a Keurig or Ninja or any other system. If you want ULTRA cheap coffee making, see the AERO Press and enjoy waiting for a tea kettle to boil water every morning.

For me though, the PODS are what makes this Nespresso system such a glory. The coffee Pods for Keurig are found almost everywhere which is a win for them. Seriously Nespresso....GET ON BOARD! But the cost, oy! It's all-over the place which, for a budget maniac like me, makes it hard to really gauge your cost. For a standard box of 20 (ahem, that's not even one cup of coffee a day for a month, can you say SUPERFLUOUS BUNS anyone) it'll be anywhere from 25-45 dollars a box.

And since we've JUST established you need a minimum of two boxes to get thru a month (more if you like, oh say, 2 cups a day) and the cost begins to add up. But....what about the quality? I can honestly say I enjoy coffee, deeply. To the core of my being. I like the rich steam and heavy creamy texture of a well brewed and STRONG cup of quality java. The keurig pods - no matter how many brands I tried - just never gave me that really heavy drip. And despite the settings for "strong" on the machine, it just always came out tasting weak. Was it hot and caffeinated, sure, but not as enjoyable as I'd have preferred. Basically, for the cost of on average 2 bucks a day i could have one cup of mediocre coffee. Functional, readily available, FAST to brew, but not that enjoyable.

But NESPRESSO -- aaahhhhhhhh what can I say. The virtuoline pods are all fairly evenly priced at about 11 bucks for 10 pods. That's about a buck a cup folks. And they have a 10 point system of rating the strength of their coffee....and it's LEGIT ya'll. If it says it's a 1, welcome to coffee-flavored-tea. If it SAYS it's a level 10 espresso, prepare your stomach for a gut blasting cup of wonderment! And since the machine pumps out the coffee at a rate actually FASTER than a Keurig, I can have a frothy creamy, heavy, warm cup of WAKE MY BUTT UP in literally SECONDS! (ps, i don't know what magical powers the Nespresso has to make that foam but it's glorious and I refuse to question it's origins).

So for just over a buck a day, A BUCK A DAY, I can have a RICH creamy, CUSTOM cup of coffee to my liking. If i wanted to spend the same as a Keurig pod I can add an espresso chaser on top of my regular coffee (seriously, I'm a T1 Momma to a house full of insanely energized boys....sometimes my coffee needs a shot of espresso....don't judge) and STILL be cheaper than a drive thru Starbucks! YAY for mama....YAY for my budget! And if you are eco-conscious, they offer FREE RECYCLING of their Pods. I MEAN - like angels brewed coffee here folks! I can enjoy my morning wake up and before I've cracked an organic cage-free farm fresh egg and served it along side a multigrain slice of organic seed filled toast, I've already done something nice for the environment. Somedays.....it's all I've got ya'll.....it's all i've got.


Nespresso is so rich and creamy and luxurious and wonderful and guess what. I'm not even really CRAZING starbucks anymore. I don't drive thru, I'm not aching for a Flat White, or craving a Cappuccino cause my Nespresso is making it FOR ME! FOR ME!!!!!!!!! All FOR ME!!!!!!!! And as such, here is my husbands ODE to Nespresso.

Nespresso Nespresso

Thank you for being cheaper than starbucks

You've saved us a Ba-Jilllion Dollars.

Our budget loves you

The End.

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