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As a writer, one of the best sensations is when inspiration strikes and the work you create pours out of you. Add to that the confirmation of a solid plan going in the right direction by supportive friends or even faith-filled prayers, and you have an author on CLOUD NINE! Alas, sometimes even the most inspired work can hit a snag or two on its journey to a published book. As a writer, especially a writer of faith, what do you do with your gift, your talent, your passion, when you hit roadblocks caused by the improper dealings of your own publisher? Such is the focus of this series of articles I’m doing in the hopes of bringing about a sense of commonality and brotherhood. Stories of other Christian writers, like me, that fell on the sword of a bad publisher who, to coin a phrase, done them wrong. My hope is that by sharing our stories, we can ENCOURAGE other authors who have found themselves in this same spot. This brings me to Kathleen Mensinger.

Kathleen Mensinger - Author

Kathleen had been writing in some form her whole life. Growing up, writing was a solid and safe means of communication for her. Writing was a catharsis, even. She never imagined her work could be a published book. It wasn’t until she began getting consistent comments from friends and family that she began to seriously consider turning her private revelations into a published book.

“I always wanted to be author but I never really thought it was possible. I had written enough of these revelations to produce the first two books and part of a third. Over time I had shared them with different people, when they would share struggles they were having. People kept saying, ‘You should write a book’. After about 3 years of hearing this, I took it before the Lord and here I am.”

Her friends and family supported her dreams so much that they even helped her find her publisher. Two friends had previously used Tate Publishing and they referred her in kind. That was in 2015 and soon her book MORE REVELATIONS FOR ME was ready to meet the world!

“It started off positive with Tate until it came to the book cover. I fought tooth and nail to get them to understand what I was looking for and to make the changes that I wanted. Communication was so hard. They even went so far as to send a printed copy of my book WITHOUT the cover that I wanted.” After that things seemed to go from bad to worse. Communication slowed and more of Mensinger's wishes were overlooked or ignored. Then suddenly Tate closed their doors for good. Kathleen, not even notified by Tate of their business ending, found out via social media. All her attempts to contact her Tate representatives fell flat and she was left empty handed.


“Tate Publishing never registered my copyright, they never put it into an E-book version for Kindle, they sent me a 1099 for income I never received a and when I contacted them they said they were going to re-issue the check for that money. Needless to say, that never came and they have since stopped answering my emails.”


And as if that wasn’t bad enough, there was a personal investment that Kathleen paid to try and

make her book come to life. An investment that was funded as much in emotion as it was monetary value. “When my Momma’s house sold I finally had the money to publish the 2nd book. It was important to me because it meant that even though my Momma had passed away, she was still helping me. I invested $1500.00 dollars with Tate.”

Alas her emotional attachment to the book and it's background has done little to persuade Tate to return any of her files or property. “I want my files back, and I want the rights to the book cover. I want Tate to remove the book from Amazon. I want them to take responsibility. And I believe that for those who paid and never got to finish, they should get their money back. And those who paid the fee for lifetime authorship should also get THAT back.” A passionate plea from a writer with a passionate cause. Mensinger says her work is 100% saturated with her personality and her faith. And THAT is the hardest part for her.


“It was a disappointment as an author but a bigger disappointment as a Christian. I understand that businesses fail all the time. However, sneaking out and closing their doors and then handling the authors the way that they did....THAT was horrible. Not only have they abused every author/artist that trusted them, they have given Christianity a bad rap too!”


And while Kathleen says she’s not much into self-promotion, she is super passionate about sharing with people how God has touched her life. THAT is what drives her to continue on still with her writing efforts. “God healed me. He rescued me. He teaches me. I never knew how amazing God really was until I gave Him my entire life. People think that being a Christ follower is boring. They have no idea what an amazing ride it is!”

Despite a dismal beginning into the world of book publishing, Kathleen Mensinger remains focused. Her work New Life Revelations is deeply based on the journey she has taken. “To share with others the things that God has taught me and shown me. Growing up, no one explained to me about having a relationship with God. I want to show people that God is real and Jesus is alive. That He pursues us and it doesn’t matter how messed up you are.“ Kathleen has a rock-solid faith driving her forward and a positive outlook despite the way Tate handled her work. For that fighting spirit, I applaud her!

And for all other would-be authors out there I recommend adding Kathleen’s tale to the list of lessons that can be learned. When it comes to your work, sometimes you must FIGHT for your voice to be heard. Be intentional, be prayerful, proceed with eyes-open. If you are passionate about writing, then hone your craft and write-on. I cover more on things to watch for in my article 7 ways to NOT get published…. but for now I encourage you all to JUST KEEP WRITING!

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