Why do I write?

I write because I feel I can help others. I write because I want to contribute my knowledge and experience to the world. I write because I go to bed at night with stories in my head and I wake up in the morning with new ideas and my brain simply will not rest until I have placed it all down in written form. So, to over simplify the answer…I write because I must.

I’ve written books and columns and blogs and all have wonderful places and purposes. While I am a fan of the traditional printed book, blogs are amazing and vlogs are even more fun! I value them all for the unique strengths they each possess and I’ve used them all from time to time as they fit the occasion. Whether I am typing towards a deadline for a newspaper or adding hashtags to the bottom of my latest e-zine contribution…whether I am guest blogging for a multi-site tour or even typing out the next book in my series of printed published works…I write because I must.

Thru the written word, I can convey feeling and emotion and sentiment in a way that can’t be expressed otherwise. And in writing, I can process my own thoughts and feelings into a cohesive direction. No longer are my thoughts a muddle heap of distraction. I am laser sharp. Tuned and focused with a purpose and a goal. My brain that at once can operate in 50 different directions suddenly becomes quiet and still and purposeful and my fingers speed to keep up as the thoughts race through my hands into my keyboard. With each word I type, and each sentence I complete, my purpose is released and I’m reminded again, I write because I must!

In my efforts to portion out some modicum of wisdom, I have one, strong, overriding goal that no matter the drive behind the action if I am not focused solely on this one thing I am suddenly thrown directionless and my thoughts come unraveled and my hands flail about and my typing slows and my words are lost. I write because I must…that is true. But I write because I long to help.

I wish more than anything to help some other girl who is struggling with her life’s purpose. I long to encourage some young newlywed as she shifts her life direction into a new marriage. I wish to cheer her on in that marriage and to always uphold its promises. I desire to hold up the arms of a weary wife who has longed for a baby and yet has empty arms. I want to shout support from the rooftops to the young mothers bogged down by laundry and diapers and life and regale them with my own funny stories from the trenches so they don’t feel so alone. I want to hug the parents who have discovered their child is ill. I want to comfort the child who now has to adapt to life with a new label…a new condition.

within laughter we often find the greatest comfort

I wish to write more than anything but if and only if the words I commit to the world can be used as to lift up some weary soul and help them along their journey. To offer my own experiences as a tool for support and encouragement and maybe even a moment of levity and humor for I do believe that within laughter we often find the greatest comfort and solace.

For me, there could be no. better. Goal.

So, at every chance…. I write. And I welcome you to join me. To read, to share, to laugh and to cry. Maybe together we will find that the world isn’t so scary. Together we shall see the best in each of us rise to the top above life's inevitable heap of oncoming turmoil. Let’s roll up our sleeves together, you and I, and stair each day in the face and boldly say BRING. IT. ON!

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