I'm a wife and a mom and I run a wild life.  When not writing, blogging, or advocating for my son with Type 1 Diabetes, I can be found rummaging about looking for the instruction manual to life.  My children outnumber me 3 to 1 and it makes for sloppy fun days. I'm a fierce mama-bear and a protective wife and somewhere along this journey, I figured out I like words.   I believe words have power and I try always to choose them carefully and use them with wisdom.  I like to write. I love reading stories. I adore telling stories and using those to encourage other women as we all muddle thru our days. I fully believe in Jesus Christ.  Empowered by my faith, I try to love all people, everywhere, starting with my family and sometimes even myself. I'm raising boys to be MEN which is a calling all its own.  I try, I fall, I fail. Somehow, in the middle of it all, I make time for love and humor and all the joy I can squeeze out of my messy, sloppy, loud, crazy, amazing life I am blessed to call my own.



Welcome to my little corner of the universe.


Here is my first born and my warrior.  His energy is infectious and his strength is inspiring.  A sweet old soul and a pile of amazing all crammed into one snaggle-toothed freckle-faced kid.


Don't let that cute smile fool you.  That kid is bag-o'-cats crazy.  This mischievous child is the B baby in my duo of awesome and he never fails to leave us in awe at how he sees the world around him.


Oh my sweet tender love is all heart and all brawn.  As lovable and sensitive as he is completely destructively strong.  He'll steal your heart and break your furniture all in one fell swoop.

The Hubs

This man is the reason I have so many boys.  The anchor to my whirlwind, he is all too often the catalyst to the chaos and the "fourth" child in the house.  Hardworking and Constant and all mine.

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