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Publication Date: 08-21-2018

ISBN-10: 1724880896

ISBN-13: 978-1724880895

Retail Price: $6.50 USD

Page Count: 72

Genre/Subgenre: Politics & Social Sciences

Genre/Subgenre: Communication

Just Stop:

10 Things Everyone Should Stop Saying

Do you ever really pay attention to some of the casual phrases people throw around? Have you ever had someone toss a platitude your way during times of stress of chaos and thought to yourself 'this is not helping me'? Then THIS is the book for you!


Just Stop: 10 Things Everyone Should Stop Saying is a collection of essay's about some of the most commonly used phrases in today's society. Heather D. Nelson discusses why flippant delivery can quickly become errant receipt. Start reading, and learn how to avoid these common communication pitfalls. Improve your capacity for human connection and become a more compassionate person. Better yet, buy a set to hand out at the office or gift to friends and family to stimulate great conversation.

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Readers'Favorite 5-Star Review