Connecticut author publishes book to meet rising questions from rush of nervous parent's choosing homeschooling in the wake of Covid-19.

Connecticut, USA - 8/16/2020

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In the wake of Covid-19, a rising tide of health & safety concerns has pushed many families to choose home education for the 20/21 school year. In their rush to prepare, many have questions on how to begin and where to find information. This is where author Heather D. Nelson has entered the field with her book. 5 Easy Steps to Homeschooling.

“Homeschooling is a natural extension of parenting. With a little preparation, any parent can make their first year a great one!”

Heather D. Nelson’s was originally published in 2009 with her 3rd book, Just Stop: 10 Things Everyone Should Stop Saying, received critical acclaim and won the Reader’s Favorite 5-Star Award. When not freelancing as a brand journalist or advocating for Type 1 Diabetes, she homeschool’s her three son’s and writes books that span a multitude of genre’s and topics.

5 Easy Steps to Homeschooling offers a wealth of information in simple, easy-to-understand, terms. The pages are filled with tons of support and encouragement on topics like socialization, curriculum selection, and home education for special needs. Parents can find resources to help navigate individual U.S. state legal mandates, as well as tips on creating local connections to make the homeschool journey successful.

Nelson aims to pull back the veil of mystery on homeschooling and encourage new parents making this bold choice. She even offer’s education on homeschooling's history, it's potential, and the actionable steps parents can take to make a new path for their  child's education.

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