Publication Date: ETA Summer 2020

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Genre/Subgenre: Paranormal Fiction

Genre/Subgenre: Magical Realism


Book 1 of the Tenebris Trilogy

Darkness resides within the bowels of an abandoned factory in the sleepy New England hamlet of Oneoff. When a fiery Gypsy hotelier arrives to repurpose the building, she stumbles into a pit of human remains and becomes the unwitting catalyst in evil’s great escape.


Local Sheriff, Lucas McCallen, is shoved out of his comfortable life of logic and reason and into a magical destiny he has long rejected. No longer can he ignore his Druid lineage, his connection to the rising darkness, or the ancient curse his own ancestors cast that started it all.


Can Lucas accept his powers before his evil forebear uses the gypsy’s gifts to become corporeal? And how long before Lucas discovers that the evil he is chasing, isn't the same evil that’s chasing him?


This manuscript is complete and actively seeking Beta Readers. If you would like to join the advance team and get a first look at my newest novel, click here.