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Grappling to Light:
a book of poetry

Grappling to Light is the debut poetry book by Heather D. Nelson. In it, Nelson explores themes of grief, depression, and anxiety within the context of isolation amidst the 2020-2021 pandemic. As much an honest look at unnaturally prolonged mourning, it showcases the small ways finding comfort in those nearest and dearest brought a sense of stability; Ending in a spirit of hope after loss.


Written in times of great weeping, Grappling to Light is released to help others shake off the shackles of isolation and re-embrace community and healing again.

5 Easy Steps to Homeschooling

This book was born at the intersection of life-experience and marketable need. The Covid-19 pandemic left thousands of families scrambling to find a new way to educate their children.

As it so happens, I'm not only a writer, but a veteran of homeschooling having now educated my sons for over 5 years (at publication date). I combined two major passions of mine to try and answer the call of parent's who needed not only encouragement, but actionable steps to put their plan in motion.


Loaded with education, excitement, and so much positivity, this book is easily one of my most favorite projects. 

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My Pithy Little Rant

My latest book was born of 1-part slow-brewing rant and 1-part genuine concern for the decline of human communication skills. 

It's super great.

A short-read classic on the pitfalls of platitudes and the catch-22 of colloquialisms.  Plus a hefty dose of etymological humor and even a smidge of a chance to improve your own capacity for human connection.

My Phoenix

This book was a bittersweet exercise in self-empowerment and a very literal rising from the ashes of visceral failure.  My first book ever was published by the now infamous Tate Publishing. I was young, dumb, and wildly trusting and thus I (along wtih thousands others) had my rights and royalties stolen.


It was years before I realized I'd been had, and years more before a final justice was won. But during that time....I learned. Learned about myself and the true work of publishing. I re-booted my author platform and reinvented myself better, stronger, and hopefully wiser than before.  Thus, this book baby was born as a revision of my first book. Edited, updated, re-titled and re-released.

If you hold a copy in your hands, you can just feel the heat of the phoenix as it's wings whisper, "you too can rise and kick a little booty."

My Great Work

The very moment the aching of my heart turned outward into genuine compassion for others is encased in this book. 

It's heart-wrenching to share, to this day, because I laid my soul uncharacteristically bare with wild abandon. The pages document my journey through infertility and the loss of my precious angel baby Peanut and all the ways that shaped me.

I stretched. I grieved. I grew.

This book is no longer in print due to unforeseen circumstances so the last legitimate copies reside in my personal hands. They are useless to nearly everyone but precious as gold to me and I still have been known to gift them forward on occasion if I think they can speak to the heart of someone in need. If you are wanting to purchase the revised version, see HAIL MARY FOR PEANUT.