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God Had Other Plans
Hail Mary for Peanut - Copy 2018
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Heather’s Radio Interview on WPLZ in Chattanooga with Gary Poole. - Heather D. Nelson
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5 Star Review
God Had Other Plans

If you are part of women's ministry at your church, suffered a miscarriage, going through infertility, OR cares about someone who has, you need to read....

5 Star Review

Hail Mary for Peanut

This is a wonderful book to read... Great job Heather I know it is difficult to open up and be transparent but you did an amazing job of honoring Peanut!

5 Star Review
God Had Other Plans

Heather D Nelson cuts right to the heart in detail throughout this soul felt work ...This book should be on the front lines of book shelves in honor of all women who have had to endure the loss of a child. 

4 Star Review
Hail Mary for Peanut

This book shows us that God can take the broken pieces of your life and make something beautiful with it. If we are willing to let go and let Him work. This is a miracle out of a mess story.

5 Star Reviews
God Had Other Plans

God Has Other Plans is one of the best books I have read while going through my journey...You feel alone, but Heather makes you feel like your not!

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