How I got here...

Over a decade ago my life went sideways. I had wild plans to Zig and the world-at-large karmically determined I should Zag. As a way to cope, I began to write. I journaled and blogged and it grew into what became my first great work, God Had Other Plans.

As luck would have it, that first snafu in my plans would prove to shape my entire outlook on love, marriage, faith, family, and more. 

Now, I'm a wife, and a mom, and I run a wild life. When not writing, blogging, or advocating for my son with Type 1 Diabetes, I can be found rummaging about looking for the instruction manual to life. And if I can't seem to find one that fits my situation, I write a new one.

I try, I fall, I fail.


Somehow, in the middle of it all, I make time for love and humor and all the joy I can squeeze out of this messy, sloppy, loud, crazy, amazing life I am blessed to call my own.

That Sweet Potato is wearing a Leopard Fedora